JANUARY 29: Prayer for Youth

The prayer team has encouraged us to mark the the last Friday of each month as a day of prayer and fasting. This is a day to hold specific requests before the Lord and pray into our life as a church and intercede on behalf of our world.

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November Prayer Focus: Edmonds Property and New Staff

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For the month of November we are going to continue praying for new staff but also add another major prayer item: the Property Beside Edmonds Town Centre. We have had some conversations with realtors and with the seller and have experienced both steps forward but also set backs. This is such a major project and decision for us as a church that needs to be soaked in prayer. We must hear the Lord speak into this clearly to walk into the decision before us. More to come but for now hear are ways to participate.

  1. Sign up for a day to pray and fast in November.
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  3. Pay attention in the Study Guide as there will be some prayer prompts.
  4. Look on Realm for weekly updates and time sensitive prayer points.
  5. Use the prayer guide to organize your day


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2020 Prayer Priorities

We want to become a people of prayer. We want to be known as a people who walk in the power of the Spirit.

Therefore, we will focus on these 6 Prayer Priorities throughout the year:

  1. We pray for evidence of growth in both personal and corporate PRAYER.
  2. We pray that we would have a renewed passion to love and serve our NEIGHBOURS & NEIGHBOURHOOD.
  3. INCREASED GENEROSITY amongst us with reduced personal debt and faithful tithing.
  4. We pray for concrete steps forward with each of our 5 PROPERTIES AND FACILITIES.
  5. We pray for LEADERS and a renewed commitment to lead with 3 New MGLs, 6 new MGAs and 3 New Elders.
  6. We pray that GOD’S POWER would be manifested in our midst evidenced by the sharing of our stories.

Father’s Love Playlist

Use these words to help frame your prayers to our good Father.

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