Missional Church

We believe that God is a missional or a sending God. Missio Dei (the “God of Mission”) is one of the ways we refer to God. God forms and sends people into our world to be a sign, servant and foretaste of the Kingdom of God. The term “Missional Church” is being used today and we are part of that movement if it is described as a “renewed theological vision for the church.”

Our read of scripture informs us that God the Father, Son and Spirit created our world and placed humankind in it. God the Father sent the Son who sent the Spirit who, in turn, sent the Church into all corners of the world (and neighbourhoods) to fulfill the purposes of the Kingdom of God. We think the Kingdom of God is that place where what God wants done gets done.

This is why we take seriously where God is calling us. We ask people to considering moving into places where we see Him at work and form Mission Groups together that will love God with our heart, mind, strength, love our neighbours and love one another. We engage practices of listening and watchfulness to see what God is up to in these places and then we humbly join him.

Several Mission Groups make up a congregation in a specific neighbourhood and when we gather (typically on Sundays) it is a time of worship, celebration, sharing stories of God at work and engaging the story of God through the scriptures.