Our Story

Since the beginning of time we believe that God has been calling and sending people into places and blessing them to be a blessing to others.

Since the beginning of our faith community in 1992, we have been responding to a call to become in and for neighbourhoods in the Lower Mainland and beyond.

We think places are special to God and so as we feel called to specific places we take this seriously by moving into them and participating in the life of that neighbourhood or area and joing God in his action there.

We first moved into the Edmonds area of Burnaby to worship and serve as the church. We soon multiplied into the Robson Park neighbourhood in North Surrey. Within a few years we became engaged in two other communities: Willoughby in Langley and Forest Grove in North Burnaby.

We have expanded beyond neighbourhoods in a couple ways. The first was to begin to help plant a church in Sauk, Albania. The second was to initiate a missional training network called “Forge Canada” that grew out of an internship program and that is connected with hundreds of church leaders across North America.

We call ourselves Southside Community Church because we started in South Burnaby and there are a few things you might want to know about us.

  • We don’t think that the Church has a mission but that God’s mission has a Church.
  • We believe that church is not a building or a service that one attends on a Sunday.
  • We believe that church is made up of people who follow Jesus and that we should act like He did to others while He lived here on earth. He was in for sacrificing Himself for the needs of others and so should we which leads us to our third point.
  • We want to demonstrate God’s love for everyone and His desire to have a relationship with them.
  • We are about bringing hope, joy and love to our community and to the world.

Poke around the website and we hope you will be able to find some connecting points with us.



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