Day of Prayer Guide (October 30, 2020)

Day of Prayer October 30, 2020: Leadership and Future Staff (Download PDF)

Join us for morning and evening prayer on zoom –

Morning Prayer: 6-7am

Evening Prayer:  9:30-10pm 



Psalm 64 – Click for Bible Gateway Link


Adoration and Praise (1 Mins)

Spend a moment giving God praise and adoration for who he is from this Psalm


Thanksgiving (3 Mins)

Give thanks for our current elder, MGLS, and staff team

Cam, Shelley, Marion, Joanne, Laura, Nicole, Phoebe, Natalie, Craig and Beth

(Send a word of encouragement as you feel prompted to these leaders)

Give Thanks for Cailey Morgan who has just entered maternity leave and will welcome her daughter into her family full time very soon!


Prayer Focus: Praying for New Staff (5 Mins)

We have welcomed these 2 new staff members to our Southside family. Pray for Shelley and Natalie as they transition into new roles, establish new rhythms, set and achieve goals, and serve Jesus well in these new roles.

Shelley who has just come on staff as Edmonds Community Outreach Lead

Natalie who has come on staff as an intern in Youth Leadership, Creative Arts and   Edmonds Outreach Support

We are looking to hire a number of other roles for our team as well:

  • Congregational Leader
  • Value Pastor
  • Youth Pastor
  • Administration 
  • Communication

Please pray for:

  • the Spirit to be preparing and leading those whose are to join our team next.
  • the search team (Marion, Joanne, Cam, Craig, Carla, DaveD & Helen) who are meeting regularly, praying, looking through resumes and planing conversations and processes with potential candidates


Praying for New Elders (4 Mins)

We have recently welcomed Shelley Roxburgh to our Elders team. In order to fulfill our constitution we always need a majority of non-staffed elders on the team. We have 6 months to fulfill this and need to pray. We do not want to be motivated by our constitutional commitments but they are there for a reason. We need to be driven by a desire to affirm those who are the spiritual leaders in our midst and invite them to lead us as elders.

Pray for:

  • discernment in this process for our church
  • the Spirit to bring to your mind who the spiritual leaders are that you might nominate  for eldership (write those names down and begin to pray for them)


Reflect (1 Min)

Did the Lord speak to you in a specific way? 

Please send those promptings to


November Prayer Focus:

For the month of November we are going to continue praying for new staff but also add another major prayer item: the Property Beside Edmonds Town Centre. We have had some conversations with realtors and with the seller and have experienced both steps forward but also set backs. This is such a major project and decision for us as a church that needs to be soaked in prayer. We must hear the Lord speak into this clearly to walk into the decision before us. More to come but for now here are ways to participate.

  1. Sign up for a day to pray and fast in November – Sign up at (2 signups/day – invite your discipling partner or someone else to join you).
  2. Join in morning prayer on Fridays from 6-7am on Zoom. 
  3. Pay attention in the Study Guide as there will be some prayer prompts each week.
  4. Look on Realm for weekly updates and time sensitive prayer points.