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The Inventors (Ages 7-12)

Follow in the footsteps of scientists and engineers who changed history with their discoveries and inventions, so you can create your own inventions and participate in inventor challenges! We’ll wrap up the week with a showcase of our inventions and discoveries.

Music Video Shire Rock Camp  (Ages 7-12

Whether you’re Mozart or have never touched a musical instrument before, this camp will help you rock out on drums, guitars and keyboards. Form a band, learn and play cover songs, compose new songs and create a music video. You’ll even get a band poster, and a chance to see the public premiere of your music video!

Battle of the Bands Shire Rock Camp  (Ages 7-12)

Campers will form bands and participate in music challenges that foster teamwork, musicality, and playing cover songs. They will learn to play instruments (vocals, guitars, keyboard, drums), create a new band, band name and band poster.

Beyond the Brush Art Camp (Ages 7-12)

Learn from some of the great artists throughout history and create your own masterpieces using tile, watercolours, acrylic painting and even recycled art. The week will culminate in a gallery presentation showcasing your art.

AIA Soccer Camp (Ages 6-12)

Become a total athlete! Our university, college and club soccer players will help you develop fundamental dribbling, shooting, passing and ball control skills. You will take part in exciting competitions and fun tournaments, and get the individual attention you need to grow physically, socially, mentally, and spiritually.

Multi-Sports Camp (Ages 6-12)

Play a range of sports and games with college athletes and coaches from Sport-Aid and Athletes in Action.

Register by May 31st for a chance to win a $100 camp credit!

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