Guide for November Day of Prayer and Fasting

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Edmonds Property and New Staff & Elders

November 2020

Prayer and fasting are two spiritual disciplines that can help us become aware of God’s presence and hear his voice. Fasting declares a trust and dependance on God. It reminds us of our fragility and need for God. But the temptation is to focus on the practice and not on Christ. My friend who is an atheist practices intermitted fasting. It has come in vogue and people are recognizing it’s health benefits. We fast as followers of Jesus because he invites us to and through it we can meet with him and often hear him speak in special ways. Fasting is never easy but let’s pray together that as we miss meals or give up something special for the day that we will encounter Christ, he will hear our prayers and we will hear him speak into a couple areas of our life as a church this month.

Some suggestions for prayer:

  • Take time to organize when and how you are going to pray today. Be intentional or the day will run away on you
  • Include prayer for Edmonds Property and New Staff and Elders in your morning and evening prayer times.
  • If you are fasting with another person today find a moment to pray with them (phone/Zoom/Prayer Walk)
  • Take the time that you would normally eat meals to pray
  • Cues – whenever you feel a hunger pang or your stomach growls turn to the Lord for a few minutes about our prayers today
  • At some point take time to journal what you heard the Lord say or any impressions you felt. Send these to

Below is a 15 minute prayer exercise that you can take time for out of your day or use the prayer points throughout your day.

Prayer for Edmonds Property and New Staff and Elders

It is always a good practice to start with adoration and thanksgiving. It primes our hearts and reminds us that prayer is a gift and a privilege.

Praying for Edmonds Property

We have been praying for years and some doors may be opening to purchase the property beside our Edmonds campus. This is a huge deal and need to be of God and not simply our dreams as a church.

Pray for:

– Ears to hear what God is saying to us about the property

– Is this his plan for us to have it, or ours?

– How would he want us to use the property?

– How would the neighbourhood change

– Prayer for our real estate agent and advisors

– Prayer for the family that owns the property

– Prayer for the neighbourhood and how we can continue to be a blessing – whether with this property or not

Praying for New Staff and Elders

New Elders

We are praying for God to affirm to new elders on our team. Our constitution require we always have a majority of Non-Staffed elders. We currently have 3 staff and 2 non-staff. We have until March to fulfill this. Let’s trust God believing he has place the spiritual leadership we need in our church and lead us to discern who those next elders are.

Pray for:

  1. For Southside to be a people where spiritual depth is formed and leaders are raised up.
  2. For The Spirit to give each of us a name for who He is raising up to become an elder.

New Staff

We are currently looking to hire new staff in the areas of:

– Congregational Leader

– Value Pastor

– Youth Pastor

– Administration

– Communication

Pray for:

– The search team (Marion, Joanne, Cam, Craig, Carla, DaveD & Helen) who are 

  meeting regularly, praying, looking through resumes and planing conversations and 

  processes will potential candidates

– For each roles to be filed whether by paid staff or non-paid or ???

– For the discernment process with a family from South Africa – the Duffields, meetings 

  and conversations happening with them in the next couple weeks